Cultivating Today’s Growth, Forging Tomorrow’s Legacies.

Welcome to Equity Front Capital, where our unique approach sets us apart in the realm of growth marketing and private equity. Unlike traditional investment firms, we specialize in transforming longstanding, outdated small businesses by applying an innovative agency framework. Our mission is to unlock rapid growth and scalability, propelling these businesses onto a fast-track toward success in today’s competitive market.

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About our
investment firm

We specialize in acquiring small businesses with investment sizes ranging from $3 million to $12 million. Our mission as an acquisition firm is to drive operational and financial growth while preserving the existing company culture and retaining valued employees.

What truly differentiates Equity Front Capital from other private equity groups is our unique blend of strategic investment and hands-on, agency-style support. We don't just provide capital; we immerse ourselves in the operational, sales, and marketing aspects of our portfolio companies, employing a comprehensive strategy that leverages the agility and creativity of a marketing agency with the strategic insight and financial acumen of a seasoned private equity firm.

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Why Equity Front Capital Stands Out

- Focused on Small, Outdated Businesses: We specifically target small, longstanding businesses with outdated models, offering them a lifeline to modernize, scale, and compete effectively.

- Emphasis on Brand Reestablishment and Recognition: At Equity Front Capital, we understand the critical role that brand identity and market presence play in a company's growth. By redefining and strengthening the brand, we not only rejuvenate its image but also expand its market footprint, opening up new avenues for customer engagement and market penetration. This strategic focus on brand reestablishment and recognition is pivotal in distinguishing our portfolio companies, enabling them to stand out in crowded markets and attract both new and loyal customers.

- Fast-Track Growth: Our agency framework ensures that we implement growth strategies more quickly and efficiently than traditional private equity firms, leading to faster results and higher returns.

- Comprehensive Support: From operational overhaul to digital transformation, we provide end-to-end support to ensure our portfolio companies achieve sustainable growth and success..

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Our Impact

The impact of our unique approach is clear. Equity Front Capital has consistently outperformed traditional investment models by achieving quicker turnarounds, higher growth rates, and more substantial value creation for our portfolio companies. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has not only revitalized businesses but also redefined what it means to be a growth marketing private equity firm.

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Our approach



Our focus lies within the realms B2B businesses services. We steer clear of investments in real estate, biotech, product based companies, and oil & gas industries, aligning our strategy with sectors where our expertise and passion drive exceptional growth and success.



Our research is dedicated to identifying businesses renowned for their strong industry reputation. Additionally, we meticulously conduct regulatory due diligence to ensure that our acquisitions meet the highest standards of compliance and excellence.



We follow a structured process, typically spanning 60 to 90 days from Letter of Intent (LOI) to Closing. This timeframe allows ample room for negotiation and alignment, ensuring satisfaction and mutual benefit for all parties involved.

Our Strategy


Agency Framework

Our agency-style model allows for more dynamic, creative, and responsive strategies that adapt to market changes and capitalize on emerging opportunities.


Sales & Marketing

We revolutionize sales processes and marketing strategies, integrating both paid and organic tactics that drive significant growth and brand visibility.


Technology Adoption

Our commitment to modern technology is not just about keeping pace with the latest trends; it’s about leveraging these advancements to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and foster a more agile and responsive business environment. By adopting cutting-edge tools and platforms, we enable our portfolio companies to operate more effectively, reduce costs, and accelerate their path to growth.