About us

EquityFront specialize in acquiring and growing small businesses. Our mission is to preserve their unique essence while driving strategic growth. With a focus on sectors we're passionate about, we are your trusted partners in business acquisition and success.

Our mission

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Our mission is to revitalize and preserve the legacies of small businesses. We are dedicated to acquiring, nurturing, and growing companies while safeguarding their unique culture and identity. With unwavering commitment and expertise, we empower retiring entrepreneurs to pass the torch and provide new horizons for thriving enterprises. Together, we create a legacy of success.

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Our mantra



Integrity is paramount in all our endeavors. We believe that ethical conduct and moral uprightness are non-negotiable, forming the bedrock of trust and respect we build with our partners. Our dedication to doing what is right, even when it's not easy, sets us apart and ensures we make decisions that are not only profitable but also principled.



Effective communication is the bridge that connects ideas, people, and opportunities. At Equity Front Capital, we prioritize open, honest, and constructive dialogue with all our stakeholders. By fostering an environment where information flows freely and feedback is valued, we create stronger, more collaborative relationships that drive mutual success.



We operate with transparency at the forefront of our interactions. This means being clear and open about our processes, decisions, and outcomes. By demystifying the complexities of private equity and providing clear insights into our strategies and investments, we empower our partners and reinforce a culture of trust and confidence.



Accountability is the promise of our commitment to our values, goals, and actions. We hold ourselves responsible for the outcomes of our decisions, celebrating our successes while also learning from our setbacks. This sense of accountability ensures we remain focused on delivering the highest levels of performance and service to our portfolio companies and their stakeholders.



Commitment is the driving force behind our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. We are dedicated to the success of our portfolio companies, committing our resources, expertise, and energy to transform their potential into performance. This unwavering commitment to our goals and to those we partner with is what propels us forward, enabling us to achieve impactful and lasting results.

Our office



1722 Routh St, Unit 900
Dallas, Texas


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